How To Protect Yourself From Falls In The Bathroom

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Whether it’s to prevent an older person from injuring themselves or keeping kids from slipping and drowning in the bathtub, it’s essential to implement safety measures that keep your family and guests from falling in your bathroom.

Studies have shown that over two hundred thousand people over the age of 15 are treated in hospitals for injuries resulting from a fall in the bathroom.

To reduce the chance of accidents and ensure your medical bills stay low, consider implementing or installing the following to reduce the risk of falls in the bathroom.

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Falling in the shower is a common accident that can be prevented. Bathroom safety experts recommend installing a shower base for people over the age of 75 or anyone who has already experienced a severe fall in the bathroom.

Those who are doing bathroom remodeling in colorado springs, co, can choose between zero and low-grade shower bases depending on the mobility of the people using the shower regularly.

Resistant Technology

Standard bathtubs have smooth surfaces such as ceramic, porcelain, or acrylic. However, these materials are vulnerable to slips and falls because of their slick and slippery-when-wet properties.

To reduce the risk of a fall in your bathroom, consider applying anti-slip pads and strips along the bottom of your bathtub.


Walk-in showers are recommended for all because they reduce the risk of slips and falls. They can be constructed in any size, but a walkway must be at least 36 inches wide to serve older adults effectively.

Additionally, consider adding handrails or shower benches to prevent falls and accidents in the bathroom.

Stone Flooring

Natural stone flooring provides an extra layer of protection against bathroom falls as it creates a textured surface that is non-slip and more stable than smoother materials such as marble or glass.